Why Savest?

Feature SAVEST Saving Account
Interest Rates 6% - 7% 3% - 4%
Minimum Balance Not Required Required
Withdrawal With in 30 Mins Instant
Account opening Process Quick Online Comparative Lengthy
Risk Minimal Relatively No Risk

Savings A/c Vs SAVEST

1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Savings A/c


Returns shown are not fixed and may vary as per bank and market conditions This calculator assumes bank returns at 3.5% & Savest returns at 7%, compounded annually

How does Savest work?

How Savings A/c Works?

r - return
g - growth

Instant Withdrawal

Mandatory Minimum Balance

Low & Fixed Return

Relatively No Risk

How SAVEST is Better?

r - return
g - growth

Higher Returns than Bank A/c

No Mandatory Minimum Balance

Low Risk

Track Returns On Daily Basis

Withdrawal in 30 Mins

Start As Low As ₹ 100/-

What are you wating for,Give It a Try!

Your money will be invested in